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Chesapeake Pediatric Dentistry Services

Our top priority is the happiness and health of your children. We specialize in kids with unique needs and dental anxiety. It’s our policy to treat every child as an individual, and seek their input (and yours) when it comes to their dental treatment.

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Our Mantra — Tell. Show. Do.

The TELL phase involves explaining what exactly we need to do in an age appropriate way. The SHOW phase is used to demonstrate a procedure up to the point where the instrument is performed. This is where we let children touch, feel and familiarize themselves with our tools and equipment. The DO phase is then initiated once the child is comfortable and trust is established.


Your child will always be placed with a pediatric dentist for their first visit. This being said, our team of dental hygienists provides cleanings in a safe, friendly environment where the first priority is your child’s comfort and happiness. If your child isn’t ready, we don’t start the cleaning; and if that means we need to dedicate an appointment (or more than one) to getting your kiddo familiar with our office and our staff, then that’s okay.


If your child’s decay is too extensive, a filling may not be sufficient. A crown is a cap cemented onto an existing tooth above the gum line. They’re made of porcelain, metal or both. Some children will experience mild irritation of their gums for a couple of days as the gums heal. With good brushing, the gums will heal quickly around the crown. There may be slight bleeding and swelling around the crown for the first day. Your child should still brush normally in that area. We are happy to offer varying levels of sedation for these procedures as well.


We know that sitting for fillings can be stressful for our little ones, and that’s why we’re very proud to offer a comprehensive menu of sedation treatments. Our doctors have extensive training in sedation and anesthesia. Each doctor has completed an anesthesia rotation as part of their pediatric dental training, has had to perform multiple sedations, is registered by the DEA, and has completed their Pediatric Advance Life Support. These certifications are all maintained and updated continually so we can be comfortable that your child will be safe in our care.


There are times when it’s necessary to remove a tooth. A baby tooth may need removal if it has misshapen or long roots that prevent it from falling out normally. Permanent teeth may require removal if they are in a state of decay because they put surrounding teeth at risk. We know extractions can be very difficult for our little ones; we’re happy to offer various levels of sedation for this procedure, from nitrous oxide to general anesthesia.

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